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Carbide Bushings, Carbide Bearings and Carbide Nozzles

All types of carbide bushings, bearings, carbide spray tips and nozzles are available from Yillik Precision , in any grade shapes and sizes required. We cover a complete spectrum of High - Grade Carbides in a variety of sizes for carbide bushings, bearings, and nozzles spray tips and many other carbide preforms. Carbide gundrill inserts are also manufactured as well as solid carbide drill bits and various carbide cutting tools and dies.

We Also Manufacture The Following Line Of Industrial Products Made Of The Finest Quality Tungsten Carbide Alloys

  • Carbide Bushings
  • Carbide Drill Bushings
  • Carbide Seal Rings
  • Nozzles
  • Carbide Sizing Dies
  • Carbide Guides
  • Carbide Rollers
  • Mold Tooling
  • Textile Guides
  • Carbide Bearings
  • Carbide Dies
  • Carbide Preforms
  • Carbide Punches
  • Carbide Pins
  • Carbide Wire Guides
  • Carbide Tubing
  • Carbide Wear Strips
  • Carbide Drill Bits
Die Cast Nozzle Tips

Die Cast Nozzle Tips

Custom made nozzle tips to the die cast industry in long lasting carbide
Oil Groove Drill Bushings

Oil Groove Drill Bushings

When extra lubrication is required
Press and Sinters

Press and Sinters

Blanks to your requirements, small lots and production runs
Spray Nozzles

Spray Nozzles

Sandblast nozzles, water-jet nozzles, chemical spray nozzles, corrosion resistant, complete customization
Bearings and Thrust Washers

Bearings, Journals and
Thrust Washers

Complex Specialties

Complex Specialties

Tungsten Carbide products made to customer specifications

Miniature Carbide Products

Miniatures used for electronics and plastics molding with size down to .010 ID and .040 OD
Lock Screws

Lock Screws

Prices on request for carbide lock screws manufactured to your specifications
Yillik Precision Carbides - Carbide Direct from the Leader in Tungsten Carbide Manufacturing