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Contact Us - Yillik Precision Carbides - Manufacturer of Tungsten Carbide Products

1621 S. Cucamonga Ave
Ontario, California 91761

Contact Information:
Toll Free: 800.854.9847
Fax: 909.621.4452
E-Mail: info@yillik.com

Yillik Precision Carbides' Location

Yillik Precision Carbides is located in Ontario, California, approximately 24 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. We provide precision carbide products for industries throughout North America and worldwide.

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Product Interest:   Carbide Bushings, Bearings and Nozzles
  Tungsten Carbide Direct Coolant Bushings
  Head Press Fit Bushings
  Headless Press Fit Bushings
  Gundrill Inserts
  Slip-Fixed Renewable Bushings
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Yillik Precision Carbides - Carbide Direct from the Leader in Tungsten Carbide Manufacturing